Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Location, Location, Location...

Affordable housing should be located within the immediate community it targets. It should be close to jobs and employment centers, as well as major city nodes and areas of activity. It should also be located on or nearby public transit routes. To meet all these needs, affordable housing is most commonly located within major metropolitan areas, and high density urban settings. Urban infill locations are often appropriate for these developments because of their close proximity to necessary amenities and services. 

Important factors to consider when locating affordable housing:

  • access to public transportation
  • access to healthy food 
  • access to health services
  • air quality
  • sustainability
  • crime
  • proximity to schools
  • access to jobs
  • access to major activity nodes

Increasing housing density is key to creating and maintaining affordability, however affordable housing can also be beneficial in non-metro and even rural settings. For example, the many small towns currently experiencing a boom in growth due to the oil and gas industry are also suffering from an extreme shortage in housing.

We locate our projects based on extensive demographic studies and needs-based research. Quite often our projects are located in historically neglected neighborhoods and built on underutilized land. In this way, these developments can be used as redevelopment tools in communities that have been plagued by years of disinvestment. For exact locations of all our developments, please see the Developments page.