Greater Albuquerque Housing Partnership

A 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Affordable Housing Stats and Facts

  • Quality affordable housing has a positive impact on surrounding property values

  • Quality affordable housing does not look cheap

  • Quality affordable housing can help to decrease crime rates and stabilize community

  • High-density affordable housing can have a positive impact on the transportation system, decreasing car use (and           traffic), and increasing public transportation use

  • Compact, high-density affordable housing is an efficient use of public services and infrastructure

  • Quality affordable housing can help to enhance the character of the community

  • 9.2 million U.S. households earn less than 30% Area Median Income, yet only 6.1 million rentals exist that they can afford

  • 16% of Albuquerque's population lives in poverty

  • 11% of Albuquerque's elderly population lives in poverty

  • 23% of Albuquerque's children live in poverty

  • More than half of Albuquerque's households are in the lowest income categories as defined by HUD

  • 58% of low-income households in Albuquerque are renters

There is an apparent and immediate need for quality, affordable housing within Albuquerque and the nation.